Music Essay Topics for College Students

singers-clipartWhenever someone asks you what your favorite song is, do you find yourself stumped in search of an answer? If yes, then you are not alone. Despite the seeming simplicity of this question, it is actually a tricky one. Reducing your musical preferences into a single song in the face of millions of songs out there and the variety of music you prefer to hear depending on your mood is for all intents and purposes an exercise in futility.

Thankfully, when it comes to writing about music, you are not necessarily limited by a few options. In fact, depending on your musical inclinations or degree of fanhood, there are a lot of music-related topics that you can explore and write about in greater detail. Here are some topics worth looking into:

1. Mainstream versus independent music

As the debate goes, mainstream music represents bad music by sellouts while independent music represents the brave and courageous stand of starving artists out to buck the trend of commercialism in the music industry. Is this always true, though? When writing about this topic, weigh the pros and cons that come with the option of either signing up for a major label or going indie. Then at the end of your essay, pick which between the two makes more sense.

2. Explosion of genres in the music industry

These days, it’s not just all pop and rock. If you take a look at the music being produced nowadays, you will see that the distinction between genres doesn’t seem to be so clear-cut anymore, which ultimately gives rise to new genres and sub-genres. Is this a good thing? Or does it even matter at all?

3. Technology has shaped the way we produce, purchase, and listen to music

There was a time in the past when records came in giant vinyl discs. Now, these discs are obsolete. Hardly anyone plays records on vinyl anymore, if at all. As a matter of fact, many people would rather purchase songs and albums online and keep their files in their portable gadgets. How has this development affected the way music is produced, purchased, and consumed?

These are just some of the music essay topics for students that you can write about. Feel free to explore other topics that may interest you. Happy writing!

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